Core Values


Your trust is our number one priority and we perform our services with the utmost honesty and transparency.


Our work procedures are always in accordance with all rules and regulations.


We instill optimism and a can-do attitude to breed success in everything we do.


We strive for continuous innovation to keep our company up to date with the latest industry trends and stay ahead of the competition.


We know all the tricks of the trade. Our established and venerable history has provided us with invaluable experience to conquer every challenge.


Built over time, our diverse yet cohesive ecosystem of products, services and people is a breeding ground for success.

Telecommunication Product Distribution

PT Sianyu Perkasa is the authorized dealer for various telecommunication providers grounded in Indonesia. We distribute e-voucher for mobile credit, e-internet voucher/ internet voucher package and starter cards to many regions in the homeland. Farther we operate with a sophisticated selling system and therefore creating a more fast-forward and efficient distribution amongst the public's vast necessity. We also support most of big operators up until small individual sellers in traditional channel.

Herewith, our skilled workforce maintain geographic area of Banda Aceh, Surabaya- East Java, Kalimantan Barat, Kalimantan Timur, city of Tangerang and Semarang along with 15.000+ resellers -entirely constructing strong connection platform. What's more here, Sianyu's telecommunication products also take account of a modern trade which we band together with national enterprise such as Indosurya and Pos Indonesia

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IT Management Services

We collaborate with telecommunication service providers in Indonesia and act as operators for telecommunication systems. Running Campaign Management System (CMS) from 2011, one of our IT team hook a duty to administer a software to empower business campaign towards a curated market and closer to its distribution target.

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IT Solutions

Sianyu has worked closely with leading business partners to provide customized self-service kiosks that support customer administration services within banking and telecommunication sectors. This encompass the supply of automated customer service including the sourcing of machine which cater card switching and issuance, account opening, money deposit, account statement printing - interconnecting with E-KTP internal automated department.

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Content Provider

In this service, our people work to provide contents such as Ring Back Tone and besides, to follow the era, we also underpin 5G basis content, Internet Of Things (IOT) content and lastly Geo Spatial basis content that is supported by Geographical Information System (GIS).

Our service scope here correspondingly facilitate an Android based encrypted mobile application for security purpose which is used for application's protection. Sianyu just recently launched and will continue to upgrade its content thoroughly for its extraordinary service.

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After Sales Service

In collaboration with Telkomsel, Sianyu has established Grapari services across various regions in Indonesia. Grapari is a service center dedicated to selling Telkomsel products and providing after-sales service and customer support

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Digital Product and Bill Payment Channel

Through its established connections with corporate partners, Sianyu funding a network that is accountable towards pre-paid and post-paid Payment Point Online Bank (PPOB), E-Wallet, as well as E-Money for banking. This is to ensure public's needs in making a comfortable and easy way of transacting their principal bills and mobile recharge. Pre-paid PPOB includes electric token aimed at electricity bill payment (PLN), internet data, and mobile top-up. In addition, the system also deliver the post-paid plan for water bills (PDAM), electricity bills (PLN), telephone bills (Telkom and all operators), cable television bills, BPJS Kesehatan bills, all financial services bills and property tax.

We correspondingly draw a conclusion to serve E-Wallet and E-Money token that associates to a server and card base, embracing platforms such as Link Aja, Go Pay, OVO, Dana, Mandiri E-Money, BNI TapCash, further down to digital loan and account opening via mobile.

Carry on, in 2020, we added initiatives to function donation program of Infaq, Waqaf, Zakat, Qurban to serve more to poor people in the country. This is to live up one of our core values and Sianyu will persistently upkeep this favorable effort.

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Kiosk Provider

Sianyu team is currently working to function kiosk facilities for Small Medium Enterprise (SME). Distribution in this area will not be only for telecommunication products, but also comprising consumer goods for Indonesia's market. We offer SME an instant acquisition and make credit kiosks available. Supplementary services to support our kiosk partners will additionally be highlighted, including the forming of kiosk layout, interior, internal system, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Point of Sale (POS), custom signage and all required gears. This project is directed to develop network of Sianyu's selling point.

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